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One of the most important ways a homeowner can add value to their investment is to make their home more modern and efficient. The windows are a key component to the home’s energy-efficiency and can have a dramatic effect on the way a home runs. Replacing the windows are also a great way to improve the aesthetics of your home with relatively minimal effort. Despite their importance, most homeowners try to keep costs down by sticking to standard windows instead of energy-efficient replacement windows.

Standard windows may be up to 15% cheaper, but that doesn’t mean they’re a good investment for the long-term. In fact, choosing Chicago energy-efficient windows can actually save you money. The trick to getting the best outcome from new windows is to know which ones to buy. Chicago-area homeowners should understand what makes up an energy-efficient window and what benefits to expect when having them installed in their homes.

While it’s a good idea to work with a quality window supplier like Lakeland Building Supply to help with window selection, following these guidelines can serve as a simple starting point when evaluating your replacement window options.

Features of Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows

There are a lot of windows and brands offered that claim to be energy-efficient replacement windows. True energy-efficient products will be ENERGY STAR approved and count with other features that ensure quality and high-performance insulation characteristics. Make sure your Chicago energy-efficient windows have the following features:

  • Glass Panes: There’s no such thing as a single-pane, energy-efficient window. At a minimum, your new windows should be at least double-pane or triple-pane. The more glass panes a window has, the better energy-efficiency it can claim. If you want the best in energy-efficiency, don’t settle for anything less than double-pane windows.

  • Warm Edge Spacers: For the best in efficiency, you’ll want to consider windows that have warm edge spacers. The edges of the windows are the most susceptible to temperatures changes and the transfer of heat. Spacers can mitigate this concern.

  • Gas Fill: All double- or triple-pane windows should have non-toxic inert gasses inserted between each pane. The gold standard for gas fill is either Argon or Krypton. These gases are known for their ability to minimize heat and cold transfer through the glass.

  • Low-E Coatings: This is a microscopic metallic layer that is practically invisible. This coating is deposited onto the glass surface. You want this coating because it works to reduce solar heat gain and grants excellent protection against items such as furniture or carpet from fading due to UV rays.

Benefits of Chicago Energy Efficient Windows

Before you order new Chicago replacement windows, it’s important to understand the benefits that an energy-efficient replacement window will bring to improve your home.

Knowing about the following benefits can assist you in making an informed decision about the windows you choose to purchase:

  • Cost Savings: The more efficient, the better. Energy-efficient windows were engineered to reduce energy costs and are effective at promoting insulation levels in the home. Depending on the climate you live in and other important factors, you can expect savings of 11%-24% when you switch to energy-efficient replacement windows.

  • Reduced Condensation: Low-e coatings help to reduce condensation levels caused by frost. Unlike other windows, condensation trapped inside the glass can ruin the window.

  • Increased Comfort: These windows when installed properly eliminate drafts. When drafts no longer pass through the windows, your HVAC system becomes more functional at keeping the indoor temperatures steady and comfortable at all times. This means your home stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter without placing too much pressure on your air conditioner.

  • Reduced HVAC Costs: Since the HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard, you won’t need to worry about overtaxing it in the summer or the winter. Needless to say, a system that doesn’t have to work as hard will last longer and need fewer repairs over the long run.

  • Better Lighting. Most new windows require tinting in order to perform at higher energy-saving standards. That’s not the case with energy-efficient windows. Instead, you retain the performance you need while improving the view. Definitely a win-win scenario.

Window Options with Lakeland Building Supply

The best time to shop for your Chicago energy-efficient windows is now. The sooner you make your choice, the sooner you can start benefitting from your investment. At Lakeland Building Supply, we work with our customers to determine the best windows for their needs. We only work with the top names in window manufacturing, which is why we stand behind our window recommendations every time.

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