Weather has been unpredictable as of late.  From torrential rainstorms in July to that ice cold Lake Michigan winter wind, people living in Northern Illinois need sturdy windows and doors to withstand the elements of Mother Nature.

At Lakeland Building Supply, Chicago wholesale building supplies are always in stock to meet the needs of residents in Chicago and Gurnee, Ill.  Their new product line of FiberFrame windows can be paired with their new FiberFrame door line, providing unmatched durability with easy installation.

Both are made out of pultruded fiberglass, manufactured by Comfort Line, Ltd. of Toledo, Ohio.   They first introduced fiberglass nearly 30 years ago, and were the first to offer sliding fiberglass patio doors.  With renowned industry recognitions, you can trust Comfort Line to create fiberglass, and Lakeland to supply it.

The FiberFrame doors are offered at reasonable prices in numerous sizes.  Fiberframe windows provide aesthetic appeal and functionality on all kinds of buildings.  Both product lines are maintenance-free and never need sanding, painting or staining.  Even without constant maintenance, FiberFrame fiberglass is weather resistant.  Finally, the Lake Michigan breeze won’t be an unwanted visitor in your home.

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