Many people assume spring or summer is the best time to get siding on their house. While these seasons are the most popular, both are filled with delays and usually have less flexible pricing. Winter is the down-time for siding contractors, often meaning discounted prices and less weather delays because rain, not the cold is the biggest weather-related problem for siding installation.

Lakeland Building Supply offers three types of horizontal lap siding, perfect for the cold weather areas of metro Chicago and south-eastern Wisconsin. The three types of horizontal lap siding includes the following:

Vinyl The most cost effective siding option available, it comes in a variety of colors and several thicknesses.

Thicker panels are more rigid to better retain its shape. Vinyl siding is most commonly in either ”double four inch” or “dutchlap” profiles; however, other profiles are available. You should choose the largest profile for the style panel you want because it causes excellent panel projection. Panel projection creates shadow lines. The greater the shadow line, the better the look. Premium panels usually have wider projections. Nail hems are also important because it keeps the siding in place during heavy winds.

LP SmartSide This lap siding is available in three widths: six, eight, or 12 inches. SmartSide minimizes seams and reduces installation time because the panels are 16 feet long compared to the more typical 12 feet. The fiber and strand substrate are decay and termite resistant. It’s installed almost the same as natural wood siding. Aluminum This is a “green” siding option because it is made from recycled aluminum and is 100 percent recyclable. Today’s improved paint technology makes this panel exceptionally fade resistant, and is available in three profiles: double four inch, double five inch and eight inch.

Vertical profiles are also available in vinyl, SmartSide and aluminum. Low maintenance exterior products are also available in a wide range of color and shapes, including but not limited to straight, staggered, rustic, half round and fish scale shingles.

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