Expand your living space to the outdoors with a deck. Don't grill outside, only to eat cooped up inside. This year, make the summer different with a deck. Relax, grill, eat and soak up the sun on it, but make sure the sun's rays won't be soaked up by your deck.

The following is a list of questions you should consider when choosing your deck's material, along with a few tips. This is the first question, wholesale decking company, Lakeland Building Supply wants you to ask when considering decking materials:

1)     Will the decking material fade? Wood fades if not properly maintained; composite requires hardly any maintenance.

2)     Must I stain or paint the material?

Other questions to consider include:

3)     Will it rot, crack, or splinter?

4)     Is pre-drilling required?

5)     Should I buy my deck boards pre-grooved or do my own routing? If you are having a contractor install your deck, pre-grooved can often cut down on labor costs and speed up the install.

6)     Is the material impervious to water? Water damage can lessen the lifespan of your deck if it is not impervious.

If you care about the environment, ask this question:

7)     What "green" characteristics does the material possess?

And finally, here are the last three questions:

8)     Is there a color matched rail system?

9)     Is the material the same color throughout?

10)     Does the material have a warranty? This could save you money in the long run.

Lakeland Building Supply invites you come into our showroom today to ask these questions to our deck experts. We would be happy to answer all of them in detail, and to install your deck. Our building supply store is conveniently located in Gurnee, Ill., and is proud to service Greater Chicago, Northern Illinois, Southeastern Wisconsin and the Greater Milwaukee area. We also would be happy to assist you in any other wholesale building supplies you may need, such as cabinetry, windows, siding and doors to name a few.