Are you looking for replacement windows in Chicago for your home? Laminated glass windows may be the right choice for you.  These new windows have many added benefits when compared to a normal double-pane window.  The laminated glass windows are transparent and look just the same as regular windows; however, the lamination helps to block up to 50% more noise.  This ensure your home will be kept quieter and provide you with peace and quiet when you need to relax.  The laminated glass also helps to keep your colors and furniture from fading through UV protection.  The laminated glass blocks up to 99% of UV rays.  The laminated glass also provides extra insulation so you save on energy costs.  The laminated glass windows also add an extra element of safety.

The windows resist breakage and any window pieces that are broken, are held together by the laminate, so there aren’t sharp pieces of glass lying around.  Save on energy costs and keep your home that extra bit safer by installing laminated glass windows.  Laminated glass windows are compatible with any Chicago wholesale windows sold by Lakeland Building Supply.  So, look to the window experts at Lakeland for all of your window installation needs.