Extremities of all kinds are no match for the strength and durability of APEX fiberglass siding. It can withstand extreme temperatures (both hot and cold), as well as humidity, saltwater and windstorms. Lakeland Building Supply is proud to be a supplier of APEX siding. We would like to point out Greenbuilder® magazine's three main reasons why this type of siding is widely preferred over other types of wholesale siding.

Apex Fiberglass Siding
  1. Innovative System - APEX siding is made with Ultrex® pultruded fiberglass, a patented proprietary material pioneered by Marvin®. This allows the siding to be tougher, have lower maintenance and last longer. It's simple to install because of its self-aligning, interlock design. The expected life of APEX fiberglass siding is 50 + years, making it a worthwhile investment.
  2. Moisture Resistant - The siding's temperature range is between 30° below zero and 350° F. It hardly expands and contracts, which means it won't suffer damage from water freezing or thawing. The water management system on APEX siding consists of a unique design that has factory-applied clips that holds the siding away from the moisture barrier, which allows for water to circulate and air out.
  3. Green Alternative - APEX fiberglass siding is one of the most environmentally friendly siding options available. It's made from naturally occurring sand and its durability means this product doesn't have to be replaced and fixed constantly. Its vibrant colors are long-lasting and it does not require yearly painting or caulking, saving you from using products that are often harmful to the environment.
Lakeland Building Supply is proud to add this type of siding to our wholesale siding line-up. The benefits and features of APEX siding are numerous and allow your house to look great, while saving you money and time because of the lack of maintenance APEX fiberglass siding requires.