Guardian ClimaGuard LamiGlass video

The Guardian ClimaGuard Lami Glass Windows are the perfect accent windows for your new home remodel. The Chicago Window Company Lakeland Building Supply offers a wide variety of styles and sizes for your needs.

The LamiGlass offers a thin layer of film to allow for less heat to escape. This is much needed for the winter time. Not only will you save money for being more energy efficient, but you are also taking away some of your yearly carbon footprint.

These wholesale windows also provide a safety net for your family. When one of these windows breaks, they do not shatter into millions of pieces. The laminate that is layer on the glass will keep everything together. This is largely beneficial is you have young children who like to play rough or if you live on a golf course.

For the top wholesale windows and replacement windows brands, turn to Lakeland Building Supply. Whether you need to install some windows for a residential or commercial project, you can entrust Lakeland Building Supply to provide you with a time- and cost-effective wholesale windows and replacement windows solution.