Recently Lakeland Building Supply has been voted into the top 101 new products in 2012. The issue came out in August. The APEX Ultrex Siding System stole the show. Professional Builder was quoted in saying, “Nothing Even Comes Close”.

APEX Siding System - Unmatched Performance

Above is a link to an Apex Siding System video. This video explains how the siding works. It shows that it is 3X stronger than any other composite material in use today.

Lakeland Building Supply offers a variety of Siding solutions. Our list of suppliers is an outstanding one. Check them out:

  • RMC Siding
  • APEX Fiberglass Siding
  • Norandex Siding
  • Alsco Siding
  • The Foundry Siding
  • LP Smartside siding
  • Nailite Siding
  • Shakertown Cedar Siding
  • Rollex Steel Siding
  • Hardie Siding
  • CertainTeed siding
  • NextStone Siding
  • North Cape Siding
These brands each offer a variety of specialties. Some are wood and some are fiberglass. We offer every solution possible for what our customers need. Come get your FREE Consultation Today!