Are you looking for a window upgrade? Do your current windows offer poor protection from the elements? Are they high-maintenance and thermally inefficient? If you have any of these problems, Lakeland Building Supplies, a top Chicago window company, can offer you affordable, quality solutions for your home. Lakeland has lead Chicago, Southeastern Wisconsin, and Milwaukee in wholesale contractor and builder supplies, including wholesale windows, doors, siding, kitchen cabinets and much more since 1976. Lakeland’s new Armaclad Windows line boasts eco-friendly, elegant designs with maximum durability. Some of Armaclad’s state-of-the-art products include:

  • Encore Windows:
These premium windows are elegant but also durable and functional, as well as eco-friendly. They’re also low-maintenance to fit your busy lifestyle, and cracking and peeling will never be an issue!
  • Casement Windows:
You’ll be protected from the elements with these windows’ advanced multi-point locking system. In addition to offering maximum ventilation, Armaclad’s casement windows boast an eco-friendly 100% Virgin PVC formulation for superior strength, color, and quality.
  • Bay and Bow Windows:
You’ll stay warm and dry with these beautiful windows! In addition to boasting furniture-grade hardwood veneer, Armaclad’s Bay and Bow windows operate at maximum thermal efficiency and even come with a pre-insulated super seat.


For your top replacement windows and wholesale windows needs, Lakeland is the Chicago window company for you. A new set of windows can completely change the look and feel of your home, so don’t delay! Your search ends here with Lakeland Building Supplies.