You’ve probably noticed increased energy expenses around the holidays. Paying extra for energy can stretch your budget, but don’t retire your annual tradition of decorating just yet! At Lakeland Building Supply, your top provider of wholesale building supplies, our experts have compiled a list of five tips that will save energy and leave more money in your pocket for holiday gifts! Some simple ways to conserve include:
  • Buy Energy Star
If you purchase electronics, make sure the items are Energy Star. These devices use up to 60% less electricity, which will save money and benefit the environment far beyond the holidays!
  • Guests = Free Heat!
If you’re hosting a holiday party, you can turn down your thermostat. There’s no need to pay extra when natural heat is free.
  • Use LED Lights
LED lights use up to 90% less electricity than other brands.
  • Turn Lights Off Before Bed
Try to limit the amount of time your outdoor lights are on – for example, turning them on just as it gets dark and switching them off before bed will save money.
  • Use Candles
Candles are festive and create a traditional holiday glow. Better yet, using them won’t drive up your electric bill!

Lakeland, your eco-friendly company, wants to save you energy and money during the holiday season and throughout the year! We have countless affordable, eco-friendly products available at our green-powered facility, so contact us today to begin building the home of your dreams!