If you’re purchasing your first home or are moving from one house to another, then determining your home’s eventual layout, theme, and decorations is one of the first tasks on your agenda. You likely have a few design and improvement ideas in mind. But what do you need to know to create a look that’s inviting but sophisticated, comfortable yet classy? At Lakeland Building Supply, the premier building supply company in Chicago, our experts have shared some of the features they’ve found across all great home design projects. When you begin to customize your living space, always try to:
  • Wait Until You’re Living There
It may be tempting to get your walls painted or your carpeting changed before you move in, but oftentimes it’s necessary to live in a space for a little while to determine the best look and feel for your home.
  • Don’t Overcrowd
Choose a few quality, stylish pieces instead. Forcing too much furniture into a room not only makes it harder to navigate, it also ensures that nothing will stand out.
  • Reject Clichéd Themes
Reject the common stock themes, such as modern, classic or nautical and blaze your own trail. You can create the look you want with a creative combination of paint, accents, and furniture.
  • Add Lighting Accents
Layered lighting is one of the best ways to draw attention to different parts of a kitchen, living room, or hallway. Hang artwork and accessories in a way that best makes use of that light.
  • Choose One Focal Point
Choose one aspect of a room that you want to stand out immediately. If you crowd the room with competing pieces, it will be harder to create a single consistent, eye-catching theme.

Lakeland Building Supply sells all the wholesale building supplies you need to create a living space that makes an impression. Contact us today to begin your most rewarding interior design project ever!