If your home has wood siding, then you’re well aware of the potential for damages and the need for regular upkeep. Wood siding will require painting every five to seven years, and may also suffer damages from strong winds, hail, and insects. If you’re tired of investing endless money and energy into your siding and would prefer siding that is weather-resistant, low maintenance but also looks like genuine wood, Revere steel siding might be the perfect choice for you.

Lakeland Building Supply is the Chicago building supplies company that can offer you wholesale Revere Siding at low prices. We carry Revere PermaFinish steel siding and Cedarwood aluminum siding in a variety of colors. Some reasons to consider Revere siding over traditional wood siding are:

  • Kynar Finish
A Kynar finish gives siding additional protection from the elements while keeping the boards looking beautiful for decades.
  • Extremely Low Maintenance
With wood siding, you’ll have to worry about insects and chipped paint. Revere siding offers an extremely low maintenance alternative – simply rinse it with a garden hose, and it will stay looking amazing.
  • Hurricane Resistant
Revere siding is designed to resist high-level hurricane winds, making it a valuable addition to a hurricane proofed home.
  • Bug Resistant
As you already know, insects love wood siding. Since sturdy Revere siding is not made of wood, bugs will never be a problem you have to worry about.
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
A Lifetime Limited Warranty on your Revere siding will give you peace of mind for decades.

Our siding company in Chicago carries the beautiful, low-maintenance Revere siding you need. Don’t delay any longer, and contact Lakeland Building Supply today to get started!