revere-sidingThere seems to be an endless array of wholesale siding options to choose from but not enough time to consider them all. At Lakeland Building Supply we are experts in siding, decking, windows, doors, cabinets and more. Today we want to specifically take the time to talk about one of our favorite products, Revere steel siding.

Exterior Siding Options

With over forty years of manufacturing experience, Revere produces elegant, durable, and cost-effective siding solutions for your home or office. Our Revere siding options are one of a kind; with a game-changing blend of steel and Kynar coating, providing weather-resistant, long-lasting siding options in a variety of colors.

Revere’s wholesale siding options include PermaFinish Steel Siding as well as Cedarwood Aluminum Siding. PermaFinish siding offers you an eco-friendly and low maintenance option that is resilient against even the worst weather. Our Cedarwood Aluminum Siding provides a realistic, luxury cedarwood look at a fraction of the cost without sacrificing durability or absorbing moisture damage.

Protection and Warranty

If you live in an area with frequent rain, hail, snow, consider our siding options from Revere to give your home a polished look that will last for decades without breaking the bank. We are so confident in our Revere wholesale siding products that we offer a 50-year warranty against hail damage.

Get in touch with your Chicago siding company today to learn more about this amazing product! With Lakeland Building Supply you get a huge variety of building options to create the customized look for your home that you want. Call us today to explore your wholesale siding options or fill out our online form today!