camo deckboard hidden fastening systems

Building a deck is a long but rewarding process. From constructing the foundation to applying the last coat of wood finish, hours of blood sweat and tears are poured into this kind of project. The end result should be a beautiful new deck, however, without properly fastening it, you might end up with a collapsed bundle of lumber. To ensure your deck is strong and sturdy instead of precarious and wobbly, pick up a CAMO Fastening System today. 

No matter what type of material you’re using – whether it’s composite deck boards, treated lumber, cedar or PVC – CAMO fasteners will bolster your deck’s stability. Its Driver Bits coupled with its Marksman Tool combine to make for quick and easy instillation, resulting in a fastener-free surface that is aesthetically pleasing. As an added benefit, CAMO Hidden Fasteners are some of the safest around, exceeding Uplift Resistance and Thermal Cycling industry standards. 

The last thing you want is to see the deck you slaved over tumble to the ground. Correctly fastening it is critical to its construction and essential for its safety. That’s why we at Lakeland Building Supply recommend CAMO products for all decking projects. As a leading Chicago decking company, we feel the best jobs are completed using the best tools, which is why we trust the CAMO Fastening System. 

Call the Chicago decking experts at Lakeland Building Supply for more information or fill out our online quote form to get in quick contact with one of our representatives. They would love to speak with you and tell you all you need to know about the CAMO Fastening System.