Sierra Pacific Wood Windows and Doors

With years of experience providing, servicing and supporting quality building materials to the Chicago metro area and southeastern Wisconsin, we’re proud to announce the addition of a few new exceptional products. As of recent, Lakeland offers Sierra Pacific premium wood doors and wood windows: some of the most beautiful and energy-efficient products in the industry. Add a little natural class to your home and increase its energy saving potential by outfitting your home with Sierra Pacific wood windows and doors today!

Stylish Look

All Sierra Pacific wood doors and windows are made from top-quality wood materials harvested on privately-owned land. This allows you to create a rustic log cabin look, regardless of the size of your home or where it’s located.

Energy Efficiency

Meeting the strict standards of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, Sierra Pacific provides the most ecologically-sound wood windows and doors on the market. They’re both certified Energy Star products, meaning they’re among the most energy-efficient available. These doors and windows will effectively trap hot or cold air in your home to ensure it remains at a comfortable temperature without racking up your energy bill.

A Variety of Options

Home remodeling is all about customizing your space to suit your vision, so we offer a variety of Sierra Pacific windows and doors for you to choose from. For windows, you have your pick of casement, awning, double hung, horizontal sliding, direct glaze, bay and bow styles. As for doors, you can choose between inswing or outswing French, patio sliding, Shasta and commercial options. Each can come in a variety of different colors and wood types.

If you’re considering a home remodel in the near future, we highly recommend you choose Sierra Pacific windows and doors. They’ll increase your home’s value by sharpening its aesthetics and bolstering its energy efficiency. To learn more about these products, call Lakeland Building Supply today or visit our showroom.