Permex exterior shutters

In addition to our Mid-American and Atlantic shutters, Lakeland Building Supply now offers high-quality products from Permex. These durable and beautiful solutions will give your home a classic aesthetic while protecting your windows in the event of an intense storm. Permex shutters are composed of rugged synthetic materials that allow them to not rot, swell, warp or crack over time. 

At Lakeland, we’re able to design and fabricate Permex shutters that match the décor of your home. We can effectively craft each of the following products:

  • Custom Shutters: Nobody knows your home better than you, so you should have full control over its décor. At Lakeland, you have the power to design your own custom Permex shutters that complement your house’s existing aesthetics. 
  • Distinct Shutters: Built with the same quality and durability as Permex hurricane shutters, these solutions are a trustworthy and affordable alternative to more expensive options. 
  • Hurricane Shutters: Your home is your most significant investment, so it should be designed with the most durable and long-lasting components. Permex hurricane shutters will ensure the safety of your windows during intense storms, protecting them from flying debris. 

Once you make your selection, you can either have our well-trained experts install your new exterior shutters in your home or opt to do it yourself. We’ll outfit your home with these high-quality products in no time, allowing you relax and attend to other tasks while we make your house storm proof. 

For more information on our Permex shutters, contact Lakeland Building Supply. We’ll gladly fabricate and install these incredible products in your home to increase its performance and beauty. Give us a call at (800) 948-8047 or fill out our online form to receive your free quote today! Also, feel free to stop by our showroom to get an up-close-and-personal look at our awesome products!