It doesn’t get more depressing than Illinois winters. Not only do the freezing temperatures keep the vast majority of the population huddled up indoors, the sky turns pitch black around 5pm every night. Despite this, there are solutions to making this season more bearable. For instance, installing our high-quality Velux skylights and sun tunnels will brighten up your home with daylight, allowing you to enjoy the limited amount available this time of year.

Flood Your Home with Light and Warmth

In addition to letting natural light flourish throughout your home, our Velux skylights and sun tunnels will heat your interior with the warmth from the sun’s rays. From there, they will effectively trap that heat inside with their superior insulation, keeping your space heated while reducing the need for you heating unit. As a result, your happiness will increase while your monthly bills decrease.

A Wide Variety of Options

In addition to letting light beam into your home and effectively heating it, our Velux skylights and sun tunnels can be customized to match your home’s décor. We offer them in beautiful wood and low-maintenance vinyl configurations. We also provide a wide selection of wood grain and color options so you can craft something that matches the existing design of your home.

Unbeatable Customer Service

No other company comes close to Lakeland Building Supply in terms of customer service. If you’re not comfortable handling the design of your project, our staff is full of experts who can whip up something that looks great. Additionally, they’ll have your project completed in as little as one day, allowing you to enjoy your new Illinois skylights and sun tunnels as soon as possible!

Don’t let the dreariness of winter put you down in the dumps. Brighten up your house and mood with our Velux skylights and sun tunnels. Give Lakeland Building Supply a call or fill out our online form to receive a free design consultation and quote!