Looking for innovative patio doors that operate smoothly and create a large opening to your outdoor space? Then you have come to the right place. Lakeland Building Supply now offers a wide variety of folding and stacking patio doors from Western Window Systems. No matter what style you’re going for, you will be able to find options that match your needs and requirements perfectly.

Folding patio doors are sophisticated and created for dependable performance and smooth operation. The contemporary design presents energy-efficient and space-saving benefits that will make these doors the perfect addition to a home or office.

Our new Western Windows Systems sliding patio doors includes a wide selection of different panel, bi-fold, folding (that stack up and can be concealed) and slider pocket (multi-slide) door systems.

With these sliding patio doors, you will be able to make a wall of windows. The sliding and stacking/folding panels can be tucked away, out of sight, creating a patio that is an extension of your home rather than just an outdoor space.

Why Choose Folding and Stacking Patio Doors?

Space Savings – Stacking pocket doors glide horizontally and stack together. They are comprised of one stationary panel and another operating one. Unlike hinged doors, these alternatives are designed to fit easily into tight spaces since the panels will not interfere with your room/patio. Additionally, these patio doors do not swing, so they require less floor space.

Natural Light – With our patio doors, you are able to let natural light into your home or patio. Available in both contemporary and French styles, our selection of folding and stacking doors is sure to match the style of any home. Choose from the different material types and product lines available to perfectly match your needs.

Accessibility – There is so much more to these folding and stacking doors than aesthetics. The patio door system creates a large wall of windows that neatly tucks away – creating a substantial entry to your outdoor space and allowing light to beam indoors. They’re also highly energy efficient, trapping in hot and cool air so you don’t get killed on your gas and electric bills.

Overall, sliding patio doors are made for smooth operation with beautiful designs - sliding sleekly along the horizontal tracks at the sill and the head. Upgrade your home today with these incredible products from Western Window Systems. Call or stop by Lakeland Building Supply to learn more about our wide selection of folding and stacking patio doors!