hardie fiber cement siding

Is your siding in need of repair, or are you searching for a new look entirely? Hardie fiber cement siding is known being both high-quality and durable. At Lakeland Building Supply, we offer numerous Hardie fiber cement siding options to provide you with both flexibility and customization.

We also understand that siding should be cost-effective. We provide the ultimate home value for the most budget-friendly price, and offer numerous options in order to better serve you.

What sets Hardie Fiber Cement Siding apart?

Because we offer James Hardie siding at a wholesale price, you can save money to spend on other areas of your home without compromising quality.

Durability of Fiber Cement

Through rain or shine, Hardie board siding is engineered to withstand the elements and protect your home. Engineered for the toughest climates, Hardie fiber cement siding is crafted specifically to both look good and provide value to your home.

Award-Winning James Hardie Products

HardiePlank lap siding was awarded the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal from the Good Housekeeping Research Institute, further proving that the siding is ideal to withstand multiple weather conditions while providing the look you want.

Beautiful Siding Style and Color Options

Fiber cement siding is available in multiple options, colors, and styles to provide complete customization for your home. We understand that curb appeal and home value matter greatly in setting your home apart from the competition. With James Hardie siding, you can rest assured that your home looks great while also offering the ultimate in both protection and durability.

Is it time to revamp your siding? Learn more about Hardie fiber cement siding today by contacting Lakeland Building Supply and completing a free estimate.