multi-slide patio door systems

The old standard sliding patio door is no longer the only option. Expansive multi-panel patio door systems blur the lines between the indoors and out by creating a wall of windows that tucks away to a vast opening for outdoor enjoyment. With various designs and styles, your patio door can now be customized to your exact specifications.

For all your multi-slide patio doors in Chicago, Lakeland Building Supply serves as the expert that can assist with the selection of the perfect multi-slide door system for your structure and space.

Various patio door systems allow a grand opening to your porch, patio, deck, or sunroom. Each patio door option can completely transform your home, which makes picking the style often the hardest choice.

Stacking multi-slide doors reflect heat while letting the ideal amount of light through. These innovative slider doors are both long-lasting and energy-efficient, providing your home with an updated look at a budget-friendly price.

Able to accommodate any room size or style choice, stacking patio doors slide along adjacent tracks to stack together and tuck away, creating a large entry. Multi-slide pocket doors allow you the perfect expansive doorway while also allowing you to tuck panels out of sight when not in use.

These multi-slide patio doors can be modified to your exact needs – the perfect patio door system to transform your space.

To get in touch with an expert and learn more about how we can create the ideal patio door system for your home, contact Lakeland Building Supply today.