exterior window shutters

Whether you are picking the final touches for your new home or are seeking to upgrade your current home, exterior window shutters offer various styles and designs for each and every home type. Regardless of region or temperature, window shutters not only make homes look nice, but can also provide vital functions necessary for protecting homes. With numerous options, the hardest decision is often deciding which function and styles matter most for your home.

Open louver – Often known as the traditional shutter type, open louver shutters are typically made of vinyl and hang on both sides of both horizontal and vertical windows.

Raised panel – Raised panel shutters tend to look more like a door, with raised edges that give a clear cut and polished look.

Board & batten – Board and Batten shutters provide a more rustic feel and are typically made of wood, perfect for country and casual homes.

Louver-panel combinations – A combination of open louver and raised panel shutters, louver-panel combinations provide a unique look with a sleek style perfect for many homes.

Bahama shutter – Bahama shutters hang horizontally and extend with bars directly from windows. Providing the ultimate in versatility and ease of use, Bahama shutters are ideal for many homes that seek a horizontal, casual solution to traditional window shutters.

Impact-resistant hurricane shutter – Impact-resistant shutters are ideal if you live in hurricane and extreme weather-prone areas. These shutters act as ultimate protection and can save your home by protecting from debris, rain, etc.

Cut-outs – Decorative shutters, including cut-out shutters, allow complete customization and possibilities to fit your exact home style with various cut-out designs and options.

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