Chicago siding and stone veneer panels

If you’re looking for new siding for your home or business, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the number of design choices out there. Vinyl? Steel? Board and batten? Insulated? Dutch lap?

With so many possibilities available, it can be hard to choose the best siding for your property. But the truth is that there is no such thing as “the best siding”! Every property is different, and every property requires a unique siding installation.

To help you narrow down your many options, take a look at these four important aspects of any Chicago siding installation.

Four Things to Consider for Your Siding in Chicago

1. Siding Material

Gone are the days of plain clapboard; modern siding comes in a plethora of options, each with its own advantages in price, durability, and energy efficiency. Some of the most popular siding materials include:

Vinyl: Vinyl siding is a budget-friendly yet durable siding choice.

Insulated Vinyl: This option offers the benefits of standard vinyl but with additional layers of insulation for noise reduction and energy efficiency.

Fiber Cement: Fiber cement siding is one of the most popular materials in the country, especially for its heavy-duty fire-, rot-, mold-, and impact-resistance.

Aluminum: Aluminum siding is a low-maintenance choice that’s lightweight and especially resistant to water-related problems.

Steel: Steel siding can be designed to mimic wood or other traditional materials without the regular upkeep.

2. Colors for Siding and Trim

One of the main reasons that Chicagoland homeowners choose to upgrade their siding is to boost their home’s curb appeal—and color plays a critical role. To choose a suitable color for your siding in Chicago, think about:

  • What colors and shades you personally enjoy
  • What your home looks like (Is it Colonial? Victorian? Modern?)
  • What siding colors are common in your neighborhood
  • How long you plan to live in your home (Should you design for yourself or for potential buyers?)

For an extra pop of style, consider combining two or even three colors in your siding installation! Choose one color for the main boards and a complementary accent color or two for the trim, dormers, and corners.

3. Style and Texture

Lots of things go into a stylish Chicago siding installation. In addition to the material and color, you should consider the boards’ pattern, texture, shape, and size—and how all of these design elements will work together.

Whether you want something clean and simple, rustic and country-chic, or textured and dramatic, your styling choices can make or break the overall appearance you’re trying to achieve for your home's exterior.

Popular styling choices include board and batten, traditional or Dutch lap, faux-cedar shakes, horizontal panels, and scallops.

4. Stone Veneer and Other Accents

While your siding is certainly an important element of your exterior design, it’s not the only one. To make the most of your siding installation, top it off with elegant finishing touches like Chicago stone veneer! Though this veneer mimics the look of ledgestone or quarried limestone, it’s actually incredibly lightweight and weather-resistant.

Add a layer of stone veneer along your foundation or around the bottom of your home exterior for a high-end finish that ranges from the rustic to the chic. And for a more cohesive and refined look with a stately appearance, wrap your chimney, garage or bump-out in stone veneer.

Tip: If you like stone veneer but don’t want it as part of your exterior siding installation, you can also add some warmth to your family room by using it to finish the fireplace.

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