chicago windows and siding

Are you feeling drab about your home exterior? Have decades of an unfashionable design finally gotten the best of you? Instead of sticking to an uninspired exterior, make a change for the better with Lakeland Building Supply!

While there are hundreds of ways to upgrade a boring home, today we take a closer look at two features that can instantly transform any house in Chicago: windows and siding.

Whether you’re a local contractor searching for reputable products or a homeowner looking for the right window and siding options, these window and siding tips are for you!

New, Efficient Replacement Windows

Why you should consider replacement windows: Chicago homeowners who want to make a big change on a relatively small budget can get a lot of value out of new windows. Not only do modern windows boost curb appeal with striking, customized designs—they can also save on heating and cooling, thanks to state-of-the-art, energy-efficient constructions.

Ideas for your windows: While many people opt for standard windows, there’s no reason to stick with something you don’t love! 

  • For a subtle yet noticeable home upgrade, try replacing your Chicago windows with a classic style in a contemporary color or eye-catching grid pattern.
  • If you want better natural lighting in any room, add expansive picture windows or even skylights!
  • Looking for a touch of traditional elegance? Then consider swapping out your synthetic windows with real wood.

Residential Exterior Siding Options

Why you should consider replacement siding: Chicago residents are often surprised at how much of an impact new siding can have. Whether you live in a classic Colonial or something more modern, replacement siding can turn any aging, weather-worn home into the jewel of the neighborhood. And much like new windows, siding can also significantly improve efficiency and insulation—cutting down on noise pollution, heat transfer, and high energy bills.

Ideas for your siding installation: The days of boring siding are over; today you can choose nearly any color, material, and trim you want!

  • For a touch of Americana, explore various shake and shingle-inspired boards. These attractive options work especially well with mixed materials and colors.
  • If you’re concerned about maintenance, think about switching to high-quality composite, metal, or fiber cement with your Chicago siding project.
  • Want something rustic yet classic? Replace all or some of your siding with stone veneer—a material that looks like real stone but is lightweight and weather resistant.

Buy Your Windows and Siding at Lakeland Building Supply

Have these ideas made you rethink your next home improvement? To see exactly how a new window or siding installation can enhance your home’s style, durability, and comfort, get in touch with Lakeland Building Supply.

As a premier wholesale building supplier, both contractors and homeowners can save big on our vast selection of top-brand Chicago siding and windows. Call us to learn more, or stop by our showroom to browse our many options and start designing today!