boral truexterior faux wood polymer siding

What’s the best way to show off your unique style and make your home stand out in your neighborhood? A new entry door? That’s a good choice. Window shutters? That’s an option, too. However, if you really want to create a brand-new look for the exterior of your home, the absolute best way is with siding!

When it comes to selecting a material for your siding renovation project, there are numerous choices on the market. At Lakeland Building Supply, we offer Boral TruExterior siding as the premier choice of professional contractors and homeowners. This faux wood siding rises above other siding material options with its exceptional benefits.

Stunning Aesthetics With Faux Wood Siding

Looking through books of siding samples can be a daunting process with page after page of similar styles and colors. One of the major benefits of Boral fake wood siding is the flexibility to create the design you desire.

If you’re looking for brilliant craftsmanship, Boral TruExterior siding is unmatched, and this innovative product can be installed easily using woodworking techniques. With the flexibility to create detailed effects and the ability to paint the polymer siding, the design possibilities are endless! You truly can have the exterior look of your dreams—from vintage to contemporary.

Protect Your Home From the Elements With Boral TruExterior Siding

While Boral siding certainly makes a visual impact, its primary function is to protect and insulate your home from the elements. The innovative ash polymer materialfeatures advanced protection and lasting durability to keep your home and its occupants safe and comfortable to years to come. Boral siding provides:

  • Superior Durability
  • Full Ground-to-Roof-Wall Coverage
  • The Ability to Withstand Drastic Temperature and Humidity Changes
  • Crack, Dent, and Split Resistance
  • Superior Performance in Extreme Weather
  • 20-Year Limited Warranty Against Rot, Swelling, and Termites

Boral TruExterior Polymer Siding for the Eco-Conscious Homeowner

Now that you have the exterior look of your dreams and complete protection from the elements, there’s one more impressive aspect of Boral siding to consider—its eco-friendly construction! Not only is Boral TruExterior siding made with over 70% recycled materials, the manufacturing process is eco-friendly, too.

Your home is your greatest investment, so why settle for less than the best during a siding replacement? If you’d like to learn more about Boral TruExterior siding, stop by the Lakeland Building Supply showroom to see samples of this exceptional faux wood siding and discuss your exterior renovation needs—complete with third-party delivery—with one of our friendly representatives!